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Mini Serendipity Signature Collection


Multi- semi precious gemstones in vibrant colors in a smaller more uniform size hand knotted on black twisted thread with Austrian crystal accents. Infinity Loop closure allows for adjustable length of necklaces.

Free-form pearls and organic gemstones have distinctive shapes, sizes, and inclusions that contribute to the unique look & feel of each piece.

*Short Necklace: $60
*Long Necklace: $90
*Short Lariat: $55
*Long Lariat: $85
*Bracelet: $35

Short Necklace: approximately 22-24"
Long Necklace: Approximately 36" long: may be worn long and lovely or double wrapped for two great looks from one necklace
Single Lariat Necklace: approximately 26-28"
Long Lariat Necklace: approximately 40-42" long can be worn single or double
Single bracelet: approximately 7.5"